Barbeque Festival in Bandung, Meat-Based Culinary Tour

Do you know if there is a barbeque festival in Bandung?

During this August, the Barbeque Festival which is usually held every weekend is held at the Harris Hotel and Convention Festival Citylink Bandung, West Java.

In this festival, you will see each stand participating in the festival serving grilled meat-based culinary.

The Barbeque Festival is held with the aim of increasing culinary promotion in different ways, and different meat menus to increase people’s interest in meat and how to cook it healthy.

Favorite Dishes During the Barbeque Festival

Dishes that appear to be most frequently approached by visitors during the festival take place between grilled meat or various freshly baked meats, complemented by minimal seasoning.

Visitors who like the dish can still feel fresh meat with spices that make it even better.

There are also grilled ribs, leg of lamb with various sauces, teppanyaki, and shawarma.

Besides that, there are also some menus served at buffet or buffet tables, you can easily find pasta, butter rice, corn on the cob, vegetable, potatoes, and special stall fish carving.


Special Festival For Culinary Lovers

This barbeque festival is deliberately held for culinary lovers in Bandung, so they have other alternatives in tasting culinary.

The choice falls on the barbeque festival because all this time the barbeque culinary already has a large fan base.

Not only the local residents of Bandung who like it, but everyone around the world likes barbeque so this is one way to increase the movement of tourists from outside the region to Bandung.



Privileges of the Barbeque Festival at Bandung

You might be curious about what this Bandung Barbeque festival is like.

There are many features, besides being held in a hotel, the facilities used to burn meat are also hotel-standard equipment.

The method of burning meat is done in a way that is almost like burning meat in European countries.

The presentation also follows hotel standards, so that people who taste cuisine at this festival will feel its presence privileged.

Culinary connoisseurs at the barbeque festival at Harris Hotel and Convention will feel extra care and pay attention to quality.



Festival Will Be Held Again

This culinary tour will certainly not end just because there are so many enthusiasts of the barbeque festival.

The festival is expected to be held again next year.

The Harris Hotel and Convention location as an organizer is also very strategic so that it is easily accessible by tourists from anywhere.

Harris Hotel is located in North Bandung, the hotel is only a short drive away from Cihampelas Walk and Rumah Mode.

From Harris Hotel, you can reach tourist attractions such as Bandung Zoo and various nightlife spots, so not only enjoy the culinary festival that you can do when you travel to Bandung and stay directly at Harris Hotel.



The room price per night starts from IDR 491,735 and you will get various room facilities such as air conditioning, mini bar, toiletries, internet access, and several other facilities such as breakfast, outdoor swimming pool, Harris cafe, Dino Kid’s Club, H Spa, Wi-Fi is free and direct access to the Citylink Mall Festival.

If you need transportation, Harris Hotel also provides transportation services that will make it easier for you to travel from the hotel.

Thus the presentation of the barbeque festival that attracted the attention of the wider community.