Bandung’s Food Culinary That You Must Have   |  Here goes a list of various souvenirs typical of Bandung, which is inexpensive and durable.

There are various types of souvenirs that you can take from this developing city, ranging from food, snacks, clothes, snacks, and souvenirs to Bandung exists. You just select want to buy souvenirs of any type and do not worry about the price, almost all of them at a price tag that is cheap.

It has become something of a tradition or habit, if you run out holiday almost every traveler always took time to shop for souvenirs for family, relatives, friends, neighbors, or just for keepsake. No wonder if in any city tours including Bandung, berjejeran various shops and souvenirs typical of a region famous.

Well, to help you in selecting souvenirs typical of Bandung, Arts, Tourism has prepared a list of typical start up the food in addition to food also exist. Let’s look at a list of the typical souvenirs of the famous Bandung below.


List of Oleh Oleh Khas Bandung Famous, And Long Lasting


1. Banana Bollen Kartika Sari Bandung

Who does not know by the typical Bandung Kartika Sari? Shop for souvenirs typical of Bandung became subscriptions and favorites of the tourists while on vacation in Bandung. There are a variety of snack foods typical of Bandung which you can find here. But the fruit of the hands of the most famous is Banana Bollen Kartika Sari.

Stores are headquartered in Jalan H. Akbar No. 4, Kebon Kawung, this provides distinctive banana delicious Bollen, which certainly will keep you hooked. Kartika Sari Bollen banana style banana Bollen is a pioneer in Bandung and has long been a by-the obligatory when visiting the Flower City.

Bollen bananas are popular since the 1970s and is still using the original recipe down termurun, so the taste is guaranteed not to change. Various flavors can be found here from cheese, chocolate until durian. Do not worry about the price, it is still quite affordable anyway.

In addition, there are a variety of pastries and other delicious pastries such as pastel, risoles, croquettes, steamed brownies rainbow and also Bagelen. Currently, Kartika Sari opened many branches in the city of Bandung, Jakarta, and probably some other cities like Tangerang. However, buying in his native town will give you a different sensation.

2. Bandung’s Signature – Primarasa: Picnic Roll

Centre by the second Bandung is Prima Rasa Bandung. The food is typical of Bandung’s most famous here is the Roll Picnic Prima Rasa. Picnic roll is processed minced meat that has been seasoned beforehand, put together pastry shell eggs boiled, then baked until lightly browned.

Taste? No need lah you dubious pleasures. Picnic roll available in two variants, namely beef and chicken were equally tasty. In addition to a picnic roll, another mainstay menu at Prima Taste is brownies, pudding and mousse cake mouse.

Bandung’s Food Culinary That You Must Have  Until now, Prima Taste just opened a branch in the city of Bandung alone. This is due to concerns about product quality could decline if the shop to open branches in other cities.

All Prima Rasa pastry and cakes are produced in a centralized kitchen in Jalan Kemuning and distributed to the other branch stores included in Jalan Pasirkaliki. Not surprisingly, the quality of the resulting taste just as good and did not disappoint the audience.



3. Surabi Bandung

Surabi is one of the typical snacks of the most famous Bandung. Surabi now not only be enjoyed in this city alone. You could also bring it home as souvenirs typical cheap Bandung to your beloved family.

Surabi this time could not be considered ‘food village’. Various flavors surabi has been created, it is made into a delicious dish that surabi with the times.

One place that provides surabi as souvenirs Surabi Enhaii Bandung is located in Jalan Setiabudi. You are free to choose surabi a variety of flavors ranging from oncom, durian cheese, chicken eggs cheese until raisins.



4. Peuyeum Bandung

Souvenirs typical of Bandung’s next is Peuyeum. Not hard to find peuyeum in Bandung. Peuyeum or generally called the tape is already synonymous with the city of Bandung and West Java.

Peuyeum lots for sale in the center by the-by, one of them in the area of Jalan Cihampelas. Typically, this peuyeum hung in front of the stall so the traveler to easily identify places that sell peuyeum.

Peuyeum is a product processed from cassava. How to make it quite easy. Cassava is already cleaned and then boiled. After that, cassava dtaburi yeast and stored in an enclosed place.

Peuyeum can be enjoyed 2-3 days later. Peuyeum Bandung residents favored because it can cause effects in the body warm in the middle of the city cool air tends to cool. Peuyem also includes typical souvenirs bandung durable enough apart to dry snacks like chips tempeh, and so forth.



5. Obese Mrs Ong

Gepuk Mrs Ong included in the list of typical souvenirs of Bandung that’s comparable to the raw materials derived from beef and chicken. Located at Jalan Dr. Djunjunan 155E, the store is always filled with shoppers.

Gepuk itself is derived by processing of beef which is also popularly known as ‘jerked’. The cuts of meat that has been thinned digeprek and will be strung with a stick to keep the fiber is not destroyed when cooked.

Not only beef, obese Mrs. Ong also provide processed chicken meat. With creativity, obese is processed in different variants such as the original beef, salty beef, extra spicy beef, beef less sugar, original chicken and spicy chicken. Once home, immediately prepare a plate of warm rice. Mrs. Ong obese very delicious eaten with rice with smoke steaming.





6. Amanda Brownies Bandung

Since 2000, Amanda Brownies helped to enliven the list of souvenirs typical of the city of Bandung. At the initial appearance, Amanda Brownies be very unique because it is not usually steamed brownies. Chocolate taste that sweet, soft texture of the cake, and taste that is costly to be a factor booster Amanda Brownies popularity.

If at first Brownies Amanda started her business in a small outlets in Jalan Rancabolang No 29, Margahayu Kingdom, now the business has expanded to various cities in Indonesia, ranging from West Java, East Java, Central Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

If at first Brownies Amanda only has original chocolate flavor, it is now available many variants, ranging from cream cheese brownies, blueberry, choco marble, Sarikaya pandan, tiramisu, banana bizz, and others. My personal favorite is the cheese cream. The combination of the flavors of bittersweet chocolate and cream cheese gurihnya really delicious! Bandung’s Food Culinary That You Must Have 

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