Bandung Science Center, Children’s Education Center in Bandung

Bandung Science Center , Children’s Education Center in Bandung.
If you are looking for a tourist place that can educate children at Bandung, Bandung Science Center is the right place.
Bandung Science Center is a quite unique place, this place has a form of building that is still maintained for a long time.
From the outside, the Bandung Science Center looks small, but when you enter it, there will be a very large room inside.
When you enter the entrance, you will see the stairs go down when you descend, you will find a room that is quite spacious.

The Attractiveness of Bandung Science Center

The Bandung Science Center tourist attractions start from the condition of the surrounding environment of the building, its location is in one of Karang Setra swimming pools, making it easy to reach because it is close to public facilities.
Bandung Science Center is used as an interactive science center by the Bandung city government, the aim is to educate the public with a variety of basic knowledge and the introduction of technology in the future.
All visitors who come to this tourist spot have the opportunity to try all the props inside and outside the Bandung Science Center building themselves.
You can experiment with basic science, hear sounds with certain tools, and feel the taste, and smell the various kinds of chemical and physical experiments in the room.
Here, you can observe natural phenomena that have already happened and see the predictions of natural phenomena that will occur based on empirical observations.

School Children Travel Destinations

With the equipment and technology in the Bandung Science Center, the place if this tourist spot is suitable is called a tourist destination for school children.
This tourist attraction can accommodate more than 400 people at a time so that a group of schoolchildren can enter all of these places and study together.
To make it easier for tourists to learn and view the contents of the Bandung Science Center, a vehicle in the Bandung Science Center is then divided into several spaces so that if you come with a group you can divide the number of groups so that the atmosphere becomes more conducive.
The following is a vehicle for education in the Bandung Science Center:

  • Entrance Room
  • Earth Room
  • Assembly Hall
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Basic Physics Room
  • Physiology Room
  • Robotics Room
  • Laser Show Room
  • Wireless Room
  • Geology Room
  • Chemistry Room
  • Astronomy Room
  • Optical Illusion Room
  • Electronic Room
  • Experiment Room
  • Energy Room

Location of Bandung Science Center

The Bandung Science Center is located on Sinargalih street No. 15, Gegerkalong, Sukasari, Bandung City, West Java Province of Indonesia