Bandung Historical Park : Let’s Learn, Let’s Play

By | May 14, 2019

Bandung has been growing as the city of thematic park since the reign of Ridwan Kamil now they add a new collection for their thematic park in one of the corner in Kota Kembang– a famous nickname for Bandung. This new thematic park is Bandung Historical Park, this park which is really full of Bandung history concept were starting open for public from Tuesday  (24/1). The park development however already changing the way Bandung citizen feel about their city – in a postive way.


Bandung Historical Park


is located in Aceh street or obviously in the backyard of  Bandung goverment’s complex, which was used as government officers’s parking lot. The Bandung goverment, nearly spent up to Rp 3,1 billion to built this place.

It’s one of startegic location, this location surely could attract people to hang out and spend their time here. This park is quite close too from favourite destination in Bandung such as Taman Sungai Cikapundung (Cikapundung Terrace) in Merdeka Street and shopping centre like mall in Bandung such as BIP adn BEC. Fortunately this park is opened from Monday to Sunday in 24 hours and there is no entrance tickets or free to enter this park.

In this newest historical park we can see the wall that full of relief and the face of all Bandung’s mayor ready to fulfill our eyes, one of them is the founder of Bandung, Rd Wiranatakusumah which is engraved on the top of the glasses in this park and another mayor that has been led Bandung, since the Bertus Coops era, Otje Djundjunan, Ateng Wahyudi, Aa Tarmana, Dada Rosada, until the neweset one Ridwan Kamil.

All of those pictures will be explained the story and the biography of Bandung’s leader, their biography will be explained also in fresh and in very creative concept. That things, surely increase the interesting of Bandung citizen, to get closer and more understand regarding Bandung’s history. Moreover, this thing also get more attention from Bandung citizen to learn their city history while playing in this park.



Bandung Planning Gallery

Bandung Historical Park is completed by the place that called Bandung Planning Gallery this place soon is used for computer to played the animation film about Bandung’s history. Not only that, later on in this place also will be fulfilled by the special room for played the documentary film about dutch collonialism until now.

Beside that, this thematic park, which was released by Rd wiaranatakusumah’s family equipped by playground too. There is a shallow pool that could be used for children to play. Ridwan Kamil -The Bandung’s mayor said that thorugh this way, he hoped that children could be happy, nevertheless they got an education too about their city.

If you’re done with this thematic park and you wanted to go to another great destination. You’re on teh right location, because this thematic park is closed from the center of the another popular destination in Bandung which is Braga street, which offers you some nice place such as Braga City Walk, Wiki Coffee, Bandung Downtown, and Great Mosque of Bandung.

From this place also, you might continued your traveling to north Bandung like Dago,  south Bandung like Ciwidey, or West Bandung like Lembang.

I would like also recommended you another thematic park in Bandung such as Jomblo Park, Bandung’s Film Park, Bandung Centrum’s Music Park, Pet Park Bandung, Bandung elderly Park, Labyrinth Park, Pustaka Bunga Kandaga Puspa Park, Traffic Park Ade Irma Suryani.

Ridwan Kamil hopes, later on this park could be used for making the history events, one of the way to make them real is by involved the history communities.

If you’re interesting to go here and bring your own vehicles, don’t worry about parking lot, because you can freely park your vehicle in government area yard or Bandung Shopping centre area BIP. From there you can just do some little walk while enjoying the Bandung street underneath the big tree that surrounding that street. If you’re using a public transpotation like angkot take angkot with this route Kebon Kelapa- Cicaheum (Via Aceh Street) , Dago- Kebon Kelapa



The next suggestion is, if your children is swimming, don’t forget to bring their clean clothes to change their wet clothes after swimming. Also don’t forget to bring enough foods ad drinks, last but not least don’t forget to keep your enviroment stay clean by always throw your trash in the garbage provided in there.

Next tips, don’t forget to bring your own camera, since in this parks there are a lot of nice spot for you to take some selfies.

Now, are you interesting enough to visit this place to fulfill your holiday together with your family. Not only refresh your mind but strolling around here also improve your knowledge about Bandung’s history.