Art: 1 When Museum and Artspace Meet

By | January 19, 2019

Nowdays there are many lovely places and destination to visit in Jakarta. By presenced of the new modern and gorgeous museum. Put away your imagination about old-fashioned and bored museum with a limited amount of the light. Introduce you a brand new museum called Art: 1 New Museum and Artspace with a modern concept and enough lightning settings.

I could say, that this museum give a new sensation to their visitors. Moreover in some places in this building are full of nice geometric pattern and direct sunlight that give this place perfect lightning thorugh the glasses that perfectly designed by its architect. Enough good to take a shoot in here especially when your shadow starting appear on the floor, even though you’re not already entered and explored this building.

Feeling so good that finally I got the opportunity to explore the location of Museum Art: 1 that located in Rajawali Selatan Street, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. I think the entrace ticket for this museum is quite expensive for about Rp 75,000 for all of the people and special price Rp 50,000 for the students but don’t worry all of those priced will be paid off once you  already explore this museum.

I would like to suggest this place for you because there are only few people in Jakarta that know this place. The architecture from the outside enough to make you curious and invited you to come and explore this museum. This building with a modern minimalist style looks a like the museum in outside of Indonesia. This building mixed up some part to complete the architecture style, such as they put together room like the exhibition room, the institute to learn arts, arts shop, and of course a museum.

This museum started from the art gallery called Mon Decor which established in 1983. If you’re often spending your time in mall like Plaza Senayan and Grand Indonesia, or another location near City Plaza Wisma Mulia, I believe that you are quite familiar with this galley. Since their artworks is increase day by day, looks a like they need more artspace. Finally in 2011 they opened Art:1 as the first beginning of this museum. That collect so much artwork from many various artists and do another art activity.


This building is consists of three floors. When you begin started walking in this building, the beautiful artworks by an artist called Sunaryo ready to greetings you. Another wonderful ornaments such a beautiful sculpture in grey ready to greetings you too, once you stepped up in this building. This building feature perhaps have a hidden message to the visitors, the management or the architect want the visitors realize that this place always supported the development of fine arts through various activity.

I feel amazed with an entrance Art : 1 New Museum and Artspace for the first time. The corridor is so big and large. Each of corridor in every floors in this building is well organized and have a very artistic. Furthermore with the painting called “ Seri Ilusi Ibu” by Galam Zulkifli makes an illusion and hypnotized your eyes. There are two faces that blend into one in the frame of the painting. Sometimes if you tried to see properly on the left side you will be able to found R.A Kartini’s face, switched again on the right side and you will be see Mother Theresa’s face. I feel so comfortable in this museum, moreover knowing that the temperature inside this building is cooler than the outside of the building.

It looks a like, that Art : 1 New Museum and Artspace is well delivered for anyone who has bored with a shopping routine in mall or another usual shop and market in Jakarta. Moreover, if you’re an instagram junkie. All of the artworks such fine arts, sculpture, and another ornaments fulfill the Art 1 : New Museum. Because this place is dedicated for the famous artists. Such as Heri Dono or Affandi.

If you’re interested to watch a new-comer artists’s artworks with their painting, video art, and photography you can directly go to Art Space.

From the two settings in main parts of this museum we can clearly see the differences. Started from the room side, parts of the Art 1: New Museum is more likely has a square shaped with convensional style. In the other hand, the Art Space has oval shaped and the contemporary touched feeling well in this space.

In the upper floors, we can see the artworks from European artists. Many of them is Bali Scenery Painting By De Merpes that looks really dominates and excotic and I am more surprised that those European Painter is really falling in loved with Bali and was living in Bali to produce his magnificent artworks.


I’m so interested and never get bored with this museum. The funny thing about this museum is the management only exhibit the artworks for only three months. Whats happening after that? The management will change the old artworks with the new one and create and produce a new concept again. Interesting right the way this museum invited their visitors?

Museum Lovers should come and see this museum! Don’t called yourself a museum lovers before you come to this brand new museum in Jakarta. Art Greetings!