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10 Reasons Bandung is a Very Potential City:

1. Jakarta Bandung Toll Road was first created

2. Fast Trains JAKARTA – BANDUNG

3. The entry of Trans Corp in Bandung including Trans Studio, Trans Hotel, Trans TV, Trans Mall

4. Construction of CYBER CITY or smart city by Bandung city government

5. The horrendous New Football Stadium

6. Property sector from Summarecon Group which penetrates the gedebage area of Bandung.

7. AEC and the influx of foreign workers to Jakarta and Bandung

8.The growth of hotels throughout the city of Bandung, both 5 or 4 and 3 stars

9.Technology and internet that has been very very mushrooming in Bandung Indonesia, 

10. Inseparable between business, tourism and technology

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Bandung, located in West Java, Indonesia, is a vibrant city known for its beautiful landscapes, cool climate, rich culture, and unique attractions. With a plethora of options to explore, here are some key places you should consider visiting during your trip to Bandung.

One of Bandung’s most iconic landmarks is Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano situated approximately 30 kilometers north of the city. Its distinctive shape resembling an upturned boat attracts numerous visitors who come to witness its breathtaking beauty. You can explore the crater, walk along the hiking trails, and immerse yourself in the stunning natural surroundings.

For nature enthusiasts, Kawah Putih is another must-visit destination. Located around 50 kilometers south of Bandung, it offers a surreal landscape with its striking turquoise crater lake. The contrasting white sandy shores and the surrounding lush greenery create a picturesque setting, perfect for capturing memorable photos.

To experience Bandung’s vibrant shopping scene, head to Jalan Riau, known as the city’s fashion district. Here, you’ll find a range of factory outlets and boutique stores offering discounted branded clothing, shoes, and accessories. Explore the trendy boutiques, bargain for unique finds, and indulge in the latest fashion trends.

Bandung is also home to numerous art and cultural attractions. The Saung Angklung Udjo is a cultural center where you can witness traditional Sundanese music performances, particularly the angklung, a traditional bamboo musical instrument. You can even participate in interactive workshops to learn how to play the angklung yourself.

For history enthusiasts, a visit to Gedung Sate is highly recommended. This grand colonial-style building serves as the seat of the provincial government and is an architectural marvel.

Explore its historical significance, admire the beautiful facade, and stroll through the surrounding gardens.
Another notable attraction is the Asia-Africa Conference Museum, situated in the Gedung Merdeka building.

This museum commemorates the historic Asian-African Conference held in Bandung in 1955, which was a significant event in the struggle against colonialism and the promotion of global solidarity.

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Bandung is renowned for its unique culinary offerings. One must-try dish is “nasi timbel,” a traditional Sundanese meal consisting of steamed rice wrapped in a banana leaf, accompanied by various side dishes such as fried chicken, grilled fish, and spicy condiments. Head to a local Sundanese restaurant to savor this delicious and authentic dish.

If you’re interested in learning about the traditional art of Batik, visit the Batik Komar Workshop. Here, you can witness the intricate process of creating Batik fabric, from waxing to dyeing, and even try your hand at creating your own masterpiece.

To escape the hustle and bustle of the city, visit the Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park. Surrounded by lush bamboo forests, this nature-themed park offers various recreational activities such as fishing, horseback riding, and paddle boating. You can also enjoy traditional Sundanese cuisine in one of the bamboo restaurants while admiring the scenic beauty.

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Bandung’s vibrant and artistic neighborhoods. The Braga Street area is known for its colonial-era buildings, trendy cafes, and art galleries. Jalan Asia Afrika, on the other hand, offers a blend of historical architecture and modern establishments.

In conclusion, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, offers a diverse range of attractions and experiences. From natural wonders like Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih to cultural sites like Saung Angklung Udjo and Gedung Sate, there is something for everyone. Explore the city’s shopping districts, indulge in local cuisine, immerse yourself in the arts, and venture into the picturesque outskirts.

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