5 New Places in Bandung That Awesome !

jave.my.id 25 New Places in Bandung That Awesome ! | New Tourism Sites in Bandung – Here’s the latest tourist attractions in Bandung are the nicest and hits.

From the start of natural attractions, culinary tasty, child and family rides to shopping and hanging out there all here. Complete with a list of names, locations, addresses, and its admission price. Bandung and its surroundings are always presenting new tourist attraction each year which makes the tourists fall in love and always miss you want to visit it again.

Besides the cool air, and tourist accommodation facilities in the city of flowers practically very complete. Hotel, transportation, places to eat, get a variety of interesting and romantic travel destinations are available with various options. You just select from the super expensive price to a cheap there is everything.

So many sights cool and exciting, it is usually only made a traveler confused about where to visit. However, you do not worry because Aneka Tourism has prepared a series of recommendations in Bandung new tourist attractions other than normal. Arguably the mainstream anti betcha. Curious is not it? Let’s go see his review below.

New Tourism Places List On Bandung And Surrounding The Most Excellent Rate



1. Travel Indo Permata (IWP)

The latest tourist attractions in Bandung , Bandung is always presenting new tourist attractions were interesting and cool to visit. One of the newest destinations in this city are more hits are Indo Tourism Permata (IWP). Complex located in the image Green Block N No. 1-10, Dago Atas, Bandung, IWP offers educational tours for lovers of gemstones, particularly diamonds. IWP is claimed as the first diamond tourist attractions in Asia.

In this place, tourists will be invited to see the process of making precious stones into diamonds of high value. Diamond gilded material from Kalimantan is guaranteed the best quality that is excellent. Visitors no longer be served by forming a gemstone in the conventional or traditional. IWP gallery instead presenting the latest tech machines that helped the expertise of the trained personnel.

There’s more to education, IWP well as places to shop in Singapore for those who like a diamond. The price of diamond jewelry is priced at galleries IWP vary from the cheapest to most expensive Rp 1 million to billions of rupiah. IWP Gallery opening hours are every day from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon.
The price of admission this area simply pay voucher worth Rp 50 thousand per person. This voucher can be used for discounts for visitors who buy a diamond. Otherwise diamond shopping, the voucher can be exchanged for food and beverages. This place there is a cafe that serves food menu.


25 New Places in Bandung That Awesome !  Route and access road to the IWP is easy. Benchmark namely Jalan Juanda (Dago) leading to Forest Park (Tahura) Juanda. IWP building location distance is only about one kilometer from the Terminal Dago. Kendaaran visitor after passing through Terminal Dago left turn sign in a residential area. Before arriving at the gallery, visitors are welcomed road conditions and the steep downhill inclines.

Location and Address: Komplek Citra Green Block N No. 1-10, Dago Atas, Bandung
Ticket Price: Rp. 50.000, –



2. Spring Geulis Kahuripan

This is the natural attractions in West Bandung regency latest ngehits alias again on the rise. His name is Spring Geulis Kahuripan. Equally with Bannerman Pongok Klaten already famous, a natural spring water is really clean and clear. Moreover, coupled with the rural atmosphere that is fresh and cool, making vacation here to be perfect.

New tourist attractions in Bandung is still rarely visited because of its location hidden away from the hustle bustle of the city. However, it is precisely this makes Spring Geulis Kahuripan awake d beauty. The main activity that you have to do here of course soaking wet-basahan water play. Fresh water will be able to eliminate your tired of the bustle of everyday life.


Spring Geulis Bandung Kahuripan

The springs also known by the name of Cikahuripan Padalarang Talaga is known as one of the most instagramable in Bandung. No wonder so many a traveler who uploaded on social networking media. The water is very clear, travelers can make selfie and narcissistic in the water. Coupled with the background of natural rocks and trees, will produce an image that is second to none.

The facilities there are quite tolerable here complete with the availability of a rinse, a place to change clothes, a parking lot, a center for a break, and stalls that provide food. Only routes and access roads leading to the location of the spring is still narrow, difficult to follow the car as he passed. For those of you who want to come here, it is recommended to use two-wheeled vehicles.



Location and Address: Village Ganjarsari, District Cikalongwetan, West Bandung Regency
Ticket Price: Rp. 10.000, –



3. Farm House Lembang


Farm House is one of the new tourist destination on the rise in Lembang, Bandung. During the weekend (weekend) and long holidays, the region that provides an interesting attraction is always crowded invaded by visitors. With the concept of a European-style atmosphere farms, plantations, and the village of dwarves (The Hobbit) makes Farm House as a child and family holiday in Bandung favorite of tourists.

Classic European feel strong, traditional costume rental Europe, bridge padlocks of love as in European countries, to the existing properties, makes this place rich spot to take pictures. No wonder the best activity here is to take pictures (selfie / narcissistic). Truly a place fit for narcissistic and selfie style of contemporary young people who instagramable.
Lembang Dairy Farm House is located in Jalan Raya Lembang 108, Cihideung, Bandung Barat. The admission price of Rp 20,000 per person. Tickets can be exchanged with pure milk. Bandung attractions is open every day from 09:00 to 21:00. The weekend is open until 23:00.

Facility located in Lembang Dairy Farmhouse is fairly complete. Starting from the sale of souvenirs and souvenir, square mini, a hobbit house, costume rental, multipurpose hall, indoor cafe, and outdoor, mosque, toilets, parking area, so that the river padlock of love. Route and access road to here is also very easy, because it is located on the main road Lembang.

Location and Address: Jalan Raya Lembang 108, Cihideung, Bandung Barat
Ticket Price: Rp. 20.000, –



4. Tebing Keraton

Now, if the new tourist attractions in Bandung this one more warm warm the talk of travelers in recent years. His name Tebing Keraton. Even this place until nicknamed ‘cliff Instagram’ because of frequent traveler posted photos on social networking Tebing Keraton Instagram. For those of you who love photography, it’s mandatory to Tebing Keraton melipir. Time for photographs narcissistic!

Enjoy the cool and natural beauty does not need mengocek wallet too much and do not have to go far. Quite to the Cliffs palace, you can already enjoy the natural scenery with the cool air away from pollution. The entry ticket price is quite cheap only Rp. 11.000, – per person.

Karaton cliff hangs over Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda. Therefore, from the top of these cliffs, you can see the green scenery Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda large extend along the eye could see. This scene will be more beautiful, if you arrive before sunrise or approximately 6 am.

At that time, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the city that is still cloaked in thick fog. Coupled with the beauty of the sun rising behind the hill in the east. All the beauty of its natural scenery is indeed the most fitting, if you capture with your camera.

You can enjoy Tebing Keraton with just sitting around, take pictures and breathe in the cool air is clean. Visited natural attractions in Bandung This can eliminate the sense of fatigue that exist and really fits as a recreational family and friends who do not have much time to travel too far.

Route and access road to the location Tebing Keraton relatively easy to reach. Put out toward Dago Pakar, from Terminal Dago straight toward Park Ir H Juanda. Navigate your vehicle to the first right turn after the gate Park Ir H Juanda. You will pass the big houses and then the township, up to a shop with a large billboard that read ‘point Bandrek’ alias Warban.

The journey has not been completed, spur your vehicle through the rise and rocky road to the top post, directly in Cliff palace. Although not big, you can park the motorcycles and cars here. To achieve these cliffs, you only need trekking less than 5 minutes.

Location and Address: Kampung Ciharegem Puncak Desa Ciburial, Cimenyan, Bandung, West Java
Ticket Price: Rp. 11.000, –


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5. Sanghyang Heuleut


new tourist attractions in Bandung

It’s her new tourist attractions in Bandung unspoiled, name Sanghyang Heuleut. This natural attraction is a small lake surrounded by rocky mountainous region. This is what causes this region as if nature is hidden from the outside community.

The location is located in the District Rajamandala Kulon, Cipatat, Bandung Barat. Here you can swim, relax, photographs and even camping. For those of you who want to Sanghyang Heuleut advised not to come during the rainy season, because the road will be a bit slippery and the lake will overflow.

Benchmark travel route to the location Sanghyang Heuleut is Saguling. From the main gate Saguling towards the beautiful lake is about 5 kilometers.

If departing from the city of Bandung, the location of this Heuleut Trance can be reached via the Kota Cimahi – Padalarang (up to pass through the center souvenirs Unyil Bread and central souvenirs typical Priangan in the edge of the road) – Raja Mandala – Gate Saguling.

Location and Address: District Rajamandala Kulon, Cipatat, Bandung Barat
Ticket Price: Free

The facilities available here is still minimal, no food vending stalls and toilets. However, its natural beauty truly exotic and charming. Not surprisingly, many young people are vying for hunting here and upload them on various social media like instagram and facebook.25 New Places in Bandung That Awesome !

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