5 food trends in 2024

undercover.co.id – 5 food trends that will skyrocket in 2024 , Similar to fashion and beauty, 2024 will also see food trends that are expected to go viral throughout the year. Last year, various viral food menus in 2023 have made many people FOMO. For example, cromboloni, which is still loved by many people.

As quoted from Martha Stewart’s website on Saturday (13/1/2024), 2024 also comes with various food trends that are predicted to skyrocket. What are these food trends? Check out the full review below!

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  1. Simpler plant-based
    Food made from plants is expected to be a trend throughout 2024. Healthy food with high protein content will be the target of the public, as people’s awareness of the importance of health is increasing.

Plant-based food options such as mushrooms, tempeh, and various types of beans are predicted to fill food storefronts throughout 2024.

  1. Whole cocoa
    In addition to plant-based foods, cacao-based menus will also be one of the food trends in 2024. This is in line with the increasingly popular use of recycled food.

Instead of being thrown away, cacao pods can be utilised in a variety of foods, from jellies to sugar alternatives to jams.

food trends
food trends
  1. Buckwheat
    With a high protein and fibre content, buckwheat is predicted to be the target of the people in 2024. The diverse nutritional content makes buckwheat has many good benefits for the body.

Moreover, buckwheat is also naturally gluten-free. Therefore, this year, buckwheat could appear in everything from plant-based milk alternatives to biscuits and granola.

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    1. Ramen
      Next up is ramen. This Japanese noodle will be a favourite food for many, as well as in 2024.

    Various types of noodles, including ramen, are expected to be people’s snack of choice throughout 2024.

    1. Foods for women’s health
      The next type of food that will be widely discussed in 2024 is food that is specially formulated for various aspects of women’s health.

    For example, menopause energy bars will emerge in 2024. People’s awareness of the importance of maintaining health in 2024 will be higher and will influence consumption choices.

    These are some of the food trends in 2024 that are predicted to become people’s top choices.

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