3 Iconic Unique Different Places In Bandung That Shines

5  Sensations of Bukit Moko Bandung Tour , That You Must Try , Bandung has a lot of natural hill tours. In addition there Bukit Keraton that is not sound foreign, in the Land of Pasundan there is also the highest peak, Bukit Moko is not less cool!

Located in Cimenyan Village, Bukit Moko offers the charm of natural beauty with beautiful landscape of Bandung city from a height. Located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, the cool air is so non-negotiable when you’re at the top of Bukit Moko.

Although it has an easy climbing path, there are many things you can do from the top of Bukit Moko. Anything? See the discussion from – below, yes!


Star Hunting at the Peak

If you decide to come at night, eating the right thing while at the top is a stellar hunt. With a beautiful expanse of fields and hills, you can freely hunt for the stars while you selfie ria with the background of Bandung at night. Who knows you can know who your soul mate is. No wonder, peak is called Puncak Bintang.



Sunrise Sensation

If you want a little patience, you do not need to go down first, deh. From the top of Bukit Moko, you can enjoy the sensation of sunrise hunting in the morning. Beautiful orange sky color you can meet, still with the background stretch of Bandung city view from above. Sudden dew is a bonus for you who have been to the top of Bukit Moko.



Trekking Pine Forest

For you who have a soul of adventure, Bukit Moko also provides its own arena. Yep, there, you can trekking the vast pine forest. The offerings of pine trees line up neatly, some of which have colorful leaves. Afternoon into the afternoon so a great time for trekking on the Bukit Moko pine forest path where the air temperature is very cool.



Beautiful Kulineran

Despite having access that is not easily conquered by vehicle, Bukit Moko also has a lot of resto and tavern for hanging out, you know. Most of them provide an interesting spot for dinner with beautiful natural scenery. Like in the Burgundy Restaurant where you can have dinner with your loved ones on the wooden tables and chairs. If you want to snack, can try banana roasted with a typical chocolate cheese Hill Moko with a glass of hot tea.



Camping With Fireside

For you who want to linger in Bukit Moko, there are also some camping ground that you can occupy. By paying rent and tents only, you can spend the night in the cool air of Bukit Moko. More exciting with the presence of a campfire, so the cold can be eroded slowly.



5 These Exciting Things , You Can Find on Terrace Cihampelas Bandung

Bandung not only offers amazing natural attractions, but also city tours that hits. The proof is present in Cihampelas area, where you will see a magnificent pedestrian skywalk.

Given the name Cihampelas Terrace, this one tourist attraction became the first skywalk in Indonesia with the concept of pedesterian. A similar concept can only be found in New York, USA.

Cihampelas Terrace itself presents the development innovation by creating a pedestrian path above the road. One way is also to erode the use of the highway as a stall traders selling.

With a length of 450 meters and width of 9 meters, Terrace Cihampelas offers a lot of content. Well, – already summarizes some things you can enjoy on the Terrace Cihampelas. Check it out!



1. City Garden Cool

The location of the building is above the road Cihampelas turns out to have a city park d above it. With a row of shady trees, you can rest for a while while breathing fresh air in the afternoon of Bandung City. Do not worry, because there are lots of spots to sit too, so you will not get tired to stand up.

2. Many Culinary

For you who just imagine Cihampelas Terrace is like a pedestrian bridge, one big! Here, you are also a culinary tour because Cihampelas Terrace also provides various kinds of snack shop. Want to snack, there is a tavern batagor until somay that you can taste. The price was fairly cheap and would not be disappointed deh!

3. Hunting for Typical Souvenirs

If you are want to buy souvenirs, Terrace Cihampelas also inhabited some souvenir merchants, you know! Various souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, glasses up to unique keychains can be found here. Sellers are also friendly to make Cihampelas Terrace is never quiet.

4. There is an elevator

Although only has a height of about 4.6 meters, Terrace Cihampelas also complete elevator. Well, not the elevator for the public as it is for the disable. So, they are not difficult to climb the stairs are also available on some sides of the terrace.

5. Complete With Toilet and Mosque

Because having 450 meters and being above the height will definitely make you lazy to go down. But quietly, Cihampelas Terrace also features some clean toilets, you know! Who wants to run worship, there is also a mosque in some corners of Terrace Cihampelas.

5 Fun Facts Gedung Sate in Bandung

Bandung has always been a favorite destination in the long weekend. Various tourist sites, both natural and historical, present in the capital of West Java.

One of the interesting and must be visited is Gedung Sate. Located on Diponegoro street No.22, Gedung Sate offers many historical objects relics of Bandung and Dutch government.

More interesting, because in Gedung Sate, many things are still very secret, you know! Well, as a reference you visit the Gedung Sate, – have 5 interesting facts about Gedung Sate.

1. Saving the Secret Hall

Viewed from the outside, Gedung Sate looks very grand. With Dutch colonial ornament, anyone would be interested to come here. But who would have thought if the Gedung Sate store a secret tunnel that is directly related to the office of the Governor of West Java. Why be kept secret? It is said that the hallway has long since closed down because there is a prisoner who died there. But the building manager does not want to talk about the tragic thing.

2. Gurhaka Attack Monument

If you take the time to see the front page of Gedung Satu, there is a monument bearing the words “In defending Gedung Sate against the Gurhaka troops attack on December 3, 1945, seven young men died and buried the enemy in the yard”. Well, four of which are Rana, Subengat, Surjono and Susilo still considered buried in the monument because not found.

3. Guava Ornament

At the roof of Gedung Sate there are six water-shaped ornaments. Many interpret the jambu ornament as a marker of fertility region owned by the city of Bandung. As for the amount, six means the total cost used to build Gedung Sate, six million golden.

4. Earthquake Resistant

The construction of Gedung Sate is led by the Dutch architect, Ir. J. Gerber with Indo-European architectural style. Gedung Sate uses many joints, so the building is earthquake resistant to 9 SR. No wonder if this one building is very sturdy.

5. Name Sate

Many thought the naming of Gedung Sate was chosen because many were selling satay around it. In fact, if you look at the guava ornament structure above, Gedung Sate is similar to a skewer! Because shaped like a satay, Bandung people call the building with Gedung Sate to be more easily spoken, until now. While the real name of this building is Gouvernements Bedrijven, it’s hard to pronounce, right?