10 Top Things to Do in Macan Island Jakarta

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bandungadvertiser.com – Probably no one knows in ten years ago, Macan Island that still a part of Thousand Island just a private island owned by an Indonesian family and managed by a Germanian together with his family. Until someday Roderick visited this island because of the invitation that his friend made which is that Germanian.

Since the beginning, Roderick – who was born and raised in Indonesia, with European background, and hold The United States of America passport had fallen in love with this island. He keeped up in my mind that this island “ A simple but beautiful place” and finally what bearing in his mind were answered. His friend asked him to managed this island, because his friend was requested by his parents to accompanied them moved to Bali.

In Roderick’s hands, this island changed its concept into a eco resort which adopted eco village concept which he later called it as Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort. In here, the electricity were powered by Solar Cell which made by Japan company, wind turbine, and also the distribution system and energy saver in collaboration with Sundaya, a corporate that for more than 20 years works on energy system. Moreover, the management in this resort did well on their waste, most of them are used for fertilizer, another are receycled, and the rest are being destroyed. Another thing that we can’t left behind is the building in here is also used nature-friendly concept. Being a bestfriend with the nature.

And here is the  10 top things that we can do in Macan Island:

1.     Relaxation

One of the reason people visited The Macan Island is to relax their mind and enjoyed their free time. It’s no wonder, because this island is accesable from Jakarta and spend only 90 minutes from Marina Bay. This island also an exclusive private island because it’s a resort that give the limit number to the guest who wants to spend their time longer in here. For the island that only have less than 1 hectare, the limit number for the visitors per day is only less than forty visitors.

Due the reason of visitor limit number, Macan island feels like ours, moreover if you don’t know the Roderick’s story and the official owner who lives in Menteng, Jakarta.

10 Top Things to Do in Macan Island Jakarta

2.     Snorkeling

For the first time I drowned myself in here, I thought the underwater scenery is the same as Tidung Island and another which is not quite interesting and most of the coral reefs has already broken. But my thoughts are totally wrong because the underwater scenery in this magnificent island is beyond natural and beautiful.

The advantage, if you’re interesting to take your time to snorkeling in here is, you don’t need to bring such a snorkeling equipment like mask, snorkel, booties, fins, until life jacket from home, because all of that has already provided in here.

3.     Canoing

If snorkeling is too mainstream, then canoing could be the next option. You can row your cano until Macan Gundul island accross this island or you can push the cano by swimming in case you’re too tired to row anymore.

One of the best suggestion in here is, be careful when you are playing a cano and keep yourself from the big currents.

4.     Trekking

In Macan Gundul Island which is unpopulated island, you can do some activities in here, such as trekking around the island. Don’t panic you’re getting lost, because this island doesn’t have many branched road like in The Maze Runner film.

5.     Sunbathing

If you’re lucky enough, because of the low tide, you will find a sand dunes or local people usually called it a gosong, not far from Macan Gundul island. To reach that, you can take a walk for about twenty minutes.

Get yourself satisfied sunbathing in Macan Island gosong, before the tide is higher and ready to make gosong dissapear.

6.     Selfie

An up-to-date person? It’s your time to take a moment and saved it with a selfie or groufie if you’re doing it together with your friends. The only thing you need is camera, the most instagram-able pose, and the nice background, for example Macan Island.

7.     Enjoying The Sunset

One thing that shouldn’t be missing in here is watching how the world switched itself from day to night that signed by the sun that slowly down itself into the ocean or can simply called it the sunset. Imagined it, you enjoy the sunset with the beloved one, sit in the nice and comfortable chair near the ocean with the table full of delicious foods and your girfriend or boyfriend holding on your hand.

8.     Coral Planting

Since the concept is eco resort, sometimes this island hold the nature conservation. For example, Coral Planting. Later on, the new coral that has been breed, will be planting on new places and replace the old coral that has been broken or extinct because of the unresponsibility person.

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9. Bonfire Time

After your stomach full of food, get some socialize with your friend is the unscapeable activity that you might be doing before bed time. Moreover this moment would be totally complete if accompanied by the oxtail soup, reggae music, and the warm of bonfire.

10. Playing  Some Games

In Macan Island, there are some games that you might enjoyed with your friends, such as dart game, bilyard, volleyball, or you can create your own game together with your friends such as water-basketball game where you can compete with your friend to take the ball that has already thrown into the sea, before you put the ball down into the basket that has already been provided.